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Dogwood Flowering Trees


Dogwood trees are one of the most widely used landscape flowering tree. The dogwood tree is of the genus Cornus and displays showy bracts of colored flowers.

Dogwood trees are flowering trees. The majority of the time, the flowers produced by dogwood trees are white, though there are an assortment of other colors available such as shades of pink and red. Dogwood trees will produce bright, colorful flowers in the spring.

Dogwood trees have a variety of landscape uses. With the year-round interest, dogwoods are excellent for specimen or accent plantings around the terrace or patio.

Dogwood trees make an excellent understory trees in a semi-shaded area and are also now being used in conjunction with typical foundation plantings and groundcovers in large beds around a building.

Dogwood trees are easily grown in lawn and garden areas and adapts to various exposures and soil types.

Generally growing to a height of 20 to 30 ft with a low, broad head and tiers of horizontal branches, the dogwood tree is considered a "well-behaved" tree and requires very little maintenance.

The Dogwood tree has a variety of cultivars such as 'Cherokee Chief' (red bracts),'Cherokee Princess' (white), 'Cloud 9' (white), 'Pendula' (white, weeping form), 'Red Cloud' (pink bracts) and 'White Cloud' (white).

These colorful Dogwood trees add beauty and interest to almost any landscape.



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