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Dogwood Blossom


Dogwood trees are greatly admired for their blossom. Generally, the Dogwood blossom is thought of as the colored part of the dogwood blossom, but it isn't.

The colored leaves are actually called bract and merely serve as a protective covering for the flower buds enclosed in the center. The Dogwood blossoms that appear in the spring actually developed the summer before and spent the winter nestled inside the bract.

The blooms in the spring indicate the beginning of the dogwood tree's reproductive cycle.

The actual Dogwood blossom that produce dogwood seeds are a crown of greenish-yellow florets in the center of the bracts.

Just like some flowers, the Dogwood blossom may need bees and other insects for pollination. Dogwood blossom bract color can range from white to pink to an almost red color.

The Dogwood blossom is one of the main reasons landscapers and the general public incorporate the Dogwood tree in their landscapes.

In the northeastern U.S. the dogwood blossom appear on a shorter tree while in the south the Dogwood blossom can appear on a Dogwood tree 40 feet tall.

People living in the south will start to see blooms in March while those in the north see the Dogwood blossom in June.

The Dogwood blossom can be varied in color. Cultivars of the flowering dogwood tree will exhibit several colors.

The `Apple Blossom' Dogwood has apple-blossom pink flowers. The `Cherokee Chief' has red flowers, and `White Cloud' has numerous creamy-white flowers, especially when plant is very young.

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