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Dividing Fern


   Many time when growing ferns and other types of plants, they become too large for their pot or basket.            When this happens, the plant must be placed into a larger pot or basket in order for the plant to continue          growth.

   On many occasions, however, a larger holder may not be available or desired. On these occasions, it is              possible to divide the plant into two or more smaller plants.

   Dividing ferns is very similar to the act of dividing other perennials. First, the plant must be removed from the    soil or pot.

   This can sometimes be tricky, as the root structure inside the pot may be      dense and unwieldy. Next, as much soil as possible must be removed to          allow access to the root ball.

   Using a sharp, long bladed knife to cut the root ball into equal pieces,            depending on the number of plants desired. Each part should then be              replanted into a separate container.

   Dividing ferns is unlike dividing other perennials in that ferns can take quite      a bit of abuse when dividing.

   The root ball is usually extremely tight, so it may take considerable force to    cut when dividing ferns.

   Many other perennials are more delicate and should be handled slightly            differently than when dividing ferns.

   More information about dividing ferns can be found from several locations.      Internet sites focusing on gardens and landscaping will likely have                  information about dividing ferns.

   There will be books in a local library about growing ferns, and dividing ferns      is a big part of growing them. Ask a garden specialist for any other                information needed when it comes to dividing ferns.


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