Columnar Apple Trees


   Most apple trees grow in a similar shape to a Christmas tree, as a tall cone. These trees need a lot of space      between them in order to grow properly.

   One problem that this causes is that many home gardens do not have the proper room for growing an apple      tree. In order to alleviate this problem, a new type of apple tree has been created, the columnar apple tree.

   Columnar apple trees have been created to allow them to grow in smaller growing areas. Columnar apple            trees look like bottle brushes, as they grow straight up and have a very small branch length.

   Mature columnar apple trees average eight to ten feet tall and only about      two feet wide. They can grow and produce healthy fruit for about twenty      years. At this time, only columnar apple trees exist, but growers are              working on making columnar versions of several other types of fruit,              including pears and peaches.

   Columnar apple trees have many advantages to the home gardener over        their full sized counterparts.

   First, they are smaller than semi-dwarf trees, and can therefore be grown      in a smaller area.

   They can work well as potted plants, making them very portable. Columnar      apple trees are also early producers, and will possibly grow fruit on their          first year.

   There are some drawbacks to growing columnar apple trees. Since they are    smaller, the amount of fruit produced by columnar apple trees is less than      is produced by semi-dwarf trees.

   The fruit is full size, and therefore some thinning may be required for the        tree to be able to support the weight. Another drawback to growing              columnar apple trees is that they are much more expensive than regular          apple trees.

   The extra work that goes into creating them can make them cost up to          twice as much.

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