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Clematis Vine


   Most of the species of clematis are climbers, similar to vines. Clematis vines will grow to heights of twenty        feet or more, if given proper growing conditions and enough support.

   Most clematis vines require full sun, but some can also grow well in partial and even full shade. Clematis also      generally prefer soil that is moist consistently.

   The most common of the clematis vines is the clematis Jackmanii. This clematis vine has deep, bold purple        blooms that emerge in June and last until mid August.

   This vine, most hardy in zones four through eight, will grow to a height of        seven to ten feet. Pruning this clematis vine should be avoided until the          plant is fully established.

   This will allow for a more robust, longer living clematis vine.

   Another popular clematis vine is the clematis carnaby. This clematis vine        hybrid has light pink blooms with a deep red bar down the middle of each        petal.

   The carnaby also has bold red anthers that make it particularly striking.

   This clematis vine will grow to ten feet and has a mature spread of three        feet. The blooms appear June through September.

   A third popular clematis vine is the Niobe. This vine has dark red blooms          and golden anthers that appear June through July.

   This clematis vine will grow to a height of from six to ten feet, and a              spread of about three feet. The bright, vivid blooms of these clematis            vines range from between six to eight inches in diameter.

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