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Clematis Plants


   Clematis plants serve many different roles in the garden. Clematis plants are climbers, so they can be trained    to climb up fences and screen vision into a garden.

   The bright blooms of a clematis plant will also add color to a garden from late winter all the way through until    late autumn. Clematis plants come in a variety of colors and grow to different heights, depending on                species.

   Clematis plants will also add a level of dynamics to a garden from season to season. This is because many        breeds of clematis will change bloom color from year to year.

   This can be seen most dramatically in clematis plants that are grown in full      sun. This is one of the aspects of clematis plants that make them                  particularly attractive to beginner and professional gardeners alike.

   The pruning of clematis plants will affect when and how they will bloom.

   Improperly pruning a clematis plant will rarely kill it, but will likely delay the      bloom until further into the season. How to prune a clematis plant                  depends greatly on species, and varies based on how and where the              clematis blooms.

   Not pruning a clematis will not affect its ability to bloom, yet it may limit        the number of blooms produced.

   Clematis plants are available from several different locations. Many local          nurseries and garden centers will have several types of clematis for sale.

   Online and mail-order plant suppliers will also have a good selection of            clematis plants.

   For the greatest diversity in selection of clematis plants, however, there        are clematis nurseries that focus solely on sale and distribution of the            clematis plant.

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