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Christmas Fern


   Christmas ferns are popular because they are one of the few ferns that will stay green all winter long.

   The Christmas fern serves as a wonderful host for butterfly larvae. Being an evergreen fern, the Christmas        fern will add color to a garden all year round, and the fronds of the plant are often given at Christmas time,      as the name suggests.

   Christmas ferns occur in both dry and moist wooded areas, moist banks and ravines.

   Christmas ferns occur in both dry and moist wooded areas, moist banks and    ravines.

   Christmas ferns prefer partial shade, but will tolerate a fair amount of direct    sunlight, as long as the soil is kept moist to prevent the plant from drying        out.

   Christmas ferns will propagate best by dividing the clump of roots into            several smaller plants in the spring.

   The rhizomes must be planted just below the surface of the soil to ensure      their continued growth. There are no serious problems with pests                  involving Christmas ferns.

   The Christmas fern will be hardy in zones four through nine.

   Found mostly in woodlands, Christmas ferns should be placed in a garden in    masses, or added to shade beds for year round color and contrasts with        other perennials.

   Christmas ferns serve as excellent erosion control, as they prefer the lower    parts of woodland hillsides and stream banks.


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