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Blue Iris


   One of the most striking colors of an iris bloom is blue. There are very few true blue flowers, and the blue iris is one of them. Blue iris comes in many different shades and bloom styles. There are blue irises native to just about every region of the United States. Hybridizing different blue iris together has resulted in a large quantity of different styles of these beautiful plants.

   One of the most popular of the blue iris flowers is the wild blue iris. This species of blue iris has a native range from Colorado west to California. Also called the western blue flag, this true blue iris has beautiful, large flowers in various shades of blue. Growing to a height of one to three feet tall, this perennial blue iris requires full sun, and moist soil that is well drained.

   Another popular blue iris is the slender blue iris. The slender blue iris, iris prismatica, is a beautiful flower. The large blue blooms have a bright yellow band in the center that is outlined in white. Native to the eastern United States, the slender blue iris grows to a mature height of one and a half to four feet tall. Like all blue iris, the slender blue iris requires full sun to thrive, and prefers moist, well-drained soil.

   The most beautiful of all the blue irises, is the ‘Caesars Brother.’ This true blue iris has rich, intense blue flowers with slightly bluish-green leaves. This blue iris blooms from late spring on into summer, and has a plant height of thirty-six inches. It is one of the most easily grown iris flowers. This blue iris also prefers moist, well-drained soil in full sun.

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