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Black Cherry Tree


The black cherry tree is native to eastern North America, Mexico and Central America. It is also known as a wild cherry or wild rum cherry tree.

One of the largest cherry trees, the black cherry tree can grow to heights of fifty to eighty feet with a mature spread of twenty to fifty feet. The black cherry tree is deciduous.

Black cherry trees are most commonly noted for their profuse spring bloom. The fragrant white flowers of the black cherry tree appear with the spring foliage.

The blooms are in slender pendulous clusters. When the flowers are finished blooming, they are replaced by drooping clusters of small red cherries.

The fruit of the black cherry tree is bitter and inedible directly off the tree.

The cherries can be used to make jams and jellies. The fruit of the black cherry tree has also been used to flavor some liquors.

The leaves are glossy and green, turning to lovely shades of yellow in the autumn months.

The wood of the black cherry tree is hard and reddish brown. It is commercially used in a large number of products, such as furniture, cabinets, and musical instruments.

A mature black cherry tree develops dark, scaly bark. Black cherry trees have many uses in landscaping.

Most urban yards are too small to house these giant beauties, but in a proper area, a black cherry tree will bring beauty and power to any space.

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