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Bare Root Fruit Trees


Most trees are sold in bear root form. This means that there is no soil protecting the roots from the elements. This makes the trees generally easier to plant, since the roots can be more manageable in this form.

Bare root fruit trees are no exception to this rule. After planted, the roots will take hold much faster, and suck up more nutrients.

Because the roots are exposed initially, it is important to protect the bare root fruit trees from direct sunlight and extreme heat and cold.

Exposing the bare root fruit trees to these conditions will likely kill the plant of shock. Once planted properly, the bare root fruit trees will take in more nutrients than normal, as the trees have been withheld from them for an extended period of time.

Bare root fruit trees will grow better in the soil. They are not fully adjusted to any one type of soil, and will therefore become accustomed to the final planting location much faster than trees that are planted with dirt already around the roots.

The roots of bare root fruit trees have immediate direct contact with the soil, and can therefore adjust more fluently.

Bare root fruit trees should be planted during the dormant period, before the first buds appear.

Bare root fruit trees should also be protected from drying out for more than five minutes.

If the roots seem dry, the bare root fruit trees should be soaked in water for twelve to twenty-four hours before planting.


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