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Ashleaf Maple Tree

Ashleaf maple trees are fast growing, deciduous maple trees. They are native to North America and are found throughout Canada and most of the eastern half of the United States. Ashleaf maple trees can reach a height of between fifty and seventy-five feet, and have a mature spread of twenty to forty feet. The irregular shape of ashleaf maple trees is due to their random branching nature.

The fissured bark of ashleaf maple trees is often light brown or gray, with narrow ridges. The twigs are slender and green with no hair. The brittle branches of ashleaf maple trees are often broken by wind. The leaves of ashleaf maple trees are about six inches long, and have three to seven elliptical leaflets. There appear clusters of yellow green flowers in the early spring. There are male and female flowers on the same tree, which means that ashleaf maple trees can be self-pollinating.

Ashleaf maple trees prefer a temperate climate, meaning that there is no extreme hot or extreme cold. However, ashleaf maple trees are drought resistant, and can survive periods of flooding and cold weather. For these reasons, they are able to survive in a variety of conditions. Ashleaf maple trees, also known as box elder trees, can survive in zones three through eight, and prefer full sun to partial shade.

Ashleaf maple trees are often used in landscaping for their shade and their fast growing nature. The dense crown of ashleaf maple trees provides excellent shade for homes and recreational areas. The wood of ashleaf maple trees is used for making poles and cheap furniture. The sap can be used for making syrup. Birds and mammals eat the seeds of ashleaf maple trees.

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