Arborvitae Trees


   Arborvitae trees are evergreen trees or shrubs from the cypress family. They are found primarily throughout      eastern Canada and the northeastern United States.

   Arborvitae trees have scale like leaves that are soft to the touch, rather than prickly. Arborvitae trees prefer    colder climates to warmer ones.

   Arborvitae trees are important to the ecosystem for many reasons. Its leaves are one of the most popular        evergreens eaten by deer and other mammals during the winter.

   The dense canopy of arborvitae trees will provide cover for birds and              mammals year round. Arborvitae trees also block wind from plants that            may not be as strong.

   Arborvitae trees grow best in moist soils with an alkaline pH level, but can      generally withstand periods of extreme drought.

   They are also adaptable to poor soils that are rocky, sterile, dry or wet.          They can be planted anywhere that has full to partial sun, and require            minimal aftercare.

   Found in zones three to seven, arborvitae trees will not thrive in southern      regions, and should be given afternoon shade in areas that have hotter          summer months.

   Arborvitae trees come in many different shapes. Some, like the American        arborvitae, are wide, cone shaped.

   Others, like the pyramidalis, are skinnier. The globe arborvitae is a rounded      shrub that will only grow to a few feet off the ground.

   Arborvitae trees can also be pruned into the shape of hedges, and make        wonderful year round privacy screens, and wind blocks.

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