Arborvitae Care


   Arborvitae care is pretty straightforward. They are very reliable to grow on their own, with no human                intervention, but proper arborvitae care will aid the plants into growing faster and healthier.

   Arborvitae, while very drought tolerant, will grow much faster when given the proper amount of water.              Arborvitaes prefer soil that is moist, and well drained.

   For growth that is faster and healthier, arborvitae care for a soil that is alkaline based. Adding a small amount    of aluminum sulfate will provide for this.

   Another part of arborvitae care is proper pruning.

   While most arborvitae will keep their borders even and neat naturally, some    will have branches jutting out that can be an eyesore.

   Removing these will make the plant seem healthier.

   Pruning an arborvitae down to a hedge shape will also allow the plant to          grow healthier, and allow for the lower branches to have direct sunlight.

   More information about arborvitae care can be found on the Internet.

   Many websites exist that have helpful hints and tips for caring for                  arborvitae trees.

   Local nurseries and garden centers will also be able to answer any                questions about arborvitae care. Libraries have a variety of books that are      about plants and some that are specially dedicated to arborvitae care.

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