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Apple Tree Varieties


   There are several apple tree varieties available on the market. Many of the apple tree varieties also come in      different sizes, depending on the dwarfing capabilities of the rootstock used.

   Most apple tree varieties are hardy in zones six through eight, but some will be able to withstand much colder    weather, as low as zone three.

   Most of the apple tree varieties prefer a moist, well drained soil and need full sun to thrive and produce            abundant fruit.

   One of the most common apple tree varieties is the granny smith. The            granny smith is unique in that it is one of the only apple tree varieties            that produces mature fruit that is green colored.

   Most other apple tree varieties produce fruit that turns red or yellow. The      fruit produced by this tree is tart and often sour.

   Another of the commonly asked for apple tree varieties is the red delicious.

   These fruit produced by these are one of the most common snacking              apples in America. This is the most widely grown of all the apple tree              varieties in the world.

   The fruit of the red delicious apple tree can be kept fresh for a long period      of time, and is therefore found in stores year round.

   One of the most common cold weather apple tree varieties is the                  honeycrisp. This tree is hardy in zones three through six. The fruit                produced by these apple tree varieties will keep well for five to six months      in common storage.

   The honeycrisp is one of the most vigorous and hardy of all apple tree            varieties. This plant can survive temperatures as low as forty degrees            below zero.

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