Apple Tree Care


   Apple tree care is fairly easy and relatively straightforward. The plants require a good deal of moisture, but        no standing water that will damage the tree.

   The site selected should have well draining soil in order to avoid water damage or root rot. Fertilization should    not be done during planting, or the roots may be burned.

   Another part of apple tree care is proper pruning.

   Pruning an apple tree involves not only pruning branches and foliage, but        also thinning out the fruit. Proper pruning of any fruit tree is essential to        producing a strong enough frame to bear plentiful fruit.

   It is important to note that apple trees will often produce more fruit than        the branches can support, and the excess must be removed manually to         prevent broken limbs.

   Apple tree care also involves pruning of the branches. This should take          place during the winter, while the tree is dormant.

   Pruning during dormancy will invigorate the tree into growing more the            following season. Once the tree has reached the desired size, pruning            during the summer will help to prevent future growth.

   Information about apple tree care can be found from several sources.

   One good place to start looking for apple tree care information is at a local      nursery or garden center. Using search engines such as Google will result        in some good information as well.

   Libraries will often carry books pertaining directly to apple tree care.              Whatever the source of information, ensure that it is reliable before                following any directions.

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