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About Lilacs


   Lilacs are average sized, flowering shrubs. They are typically hardy to zones three through seven. Some types of lilacs are especially cold hardy, and can survive in areas as cold as zone two. Lilacs are typically valued for their bright, fragrant blooms that appear during the spring months. Native to Europe and parts of Asia, lilacs make a wonderful addition to any garden.

   Lilacs have blooms that appear in clusters. The small, often fragrant flowers range in color from white to pink and all shades of purple. There are even some lilacs that have yellow blooms. Lilacs, known by the scientific name syringa, are very long-lived and capable of surviving most conditions. The common lilacs have an upright, irregular growth habit that works well in the back of a border.

   Aside from the bright blooms in spring, most lilacs do not have any other seasonal interest. Lilacs prefer full sun in neutral, rich soil that is high in organic matter. They typically require a location with good air circulation, to help reduce problems with powdery mildew, one of the biggest problems of lilacs. Some cultivars of lilacs produce good flowers only every other year. Spent blossoms of lilacs should be removed immediately, to encourage an increased output of flowering the following year. Old plants should be renewed by being cut back almost to the ground.

   Lilacs look lovely in nearly every garden. The many shades of lilac flowers allow for at least one plant that will either complement of contrast every garden perfectly. There are hundreds of cultivars of lilacs, and even some lilacs that grow similarly to trees. Lilacs have a variety of uses in every garden.

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