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About Ivy


   Ivy is a plant of the genus Hedera, and is extremely common in Europe. The leaves are evergreen and dark, and usually five-pointed. The flowers are often small and bloom in bunches. The stems cling to walls and trees by using root-like fibers.

   Ivy plants are used mostly as a cover. They will grow up and over walls, and around trees. If a garden has an aspect that is aesthetically unappealing, the ivy will easily cover this up. Ivy can be used to grow around and over an old, rusty shed, or up the cracked side of a house. Ivy also works wonders as an all-purpose ground cover. Ivy will form a thick canopy of leaves just above the ground, blocking sunlight from getting to the plants below.

   Ivy is generally easy to care for, and will not die in the winter, unlike deciduous vines, which, when used as a cover, lose their foliage and leave behind a tangled mess of wood and roots.

   Ivy is generally fast growing and will cover anything that it is allowed to. Care must be taken to avoid the ivy from spreading over an entire garden, blocking sunlight from everything in its path.

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