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About Hedges


Hedges are nothing more than shrubs or low trees planted in a row to form a fence. Hedges can be natural, looking like they were grown in the wild, or they can be more formal, pruned into a certain shape, usually squared.

Hedges serve a variety of purposes and come in a variety of sizes. Hedges can be worked into nearly any garden situation.

Hedges are generally easy to care for, taking no more attention than a tree or shrub, as these plants are all it consists of.

Once established, many types of hedges will require no care whatsoever, unless the gardener chooses to trim them to shape.

The choice of shrub or tree greatly affects what care needs to be taken for the hedges to survive.

Hedges can grow in nearly any growing condition possible. The sheer variety of shrubs and trees that make excellent hedges is amazing.

One way to make a different looking hedge, is to use different species and types of plants together. The variety used can make a very bold statement.

Hedges serve many purposes in the garden and landscape. Hedges can make a great wind block.

Hedges are good privacy screens, and can be a wonderful looking alternative to a fence or other such divider. Whatever the use, a gardener will thrill in the ease of growing hedges.


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