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About Daylilies


   Daylilies are members of the lily family. Daylilies are in the genus Hemerocallis, derived from two Greek words meaning beauty and day. This is in reference to the fact that each bloom lasts only for one day.

   There are, however, many flower buds on each daylily flower stalk, and many stalks in each bunch of plants. This means that the flowering period of a bunch of daylilies is usually several weeks long. Many varieties also have more than one flowering period.

   Day lilies are often referred to as the perfect perennial, for many reasons. First of all, daylilies are available in many colors, and a variety of shapes and sizes. Daylilies are also able to survive in a wide range of climates, often with very little care.

   Suitable to all types of landscapes, day lilies are adaptable to various soil and light conditions. They are also drought resistant and nearly disease and insect free. Daylilies are known to bloom from late spring until autumn.

   Daylilies originated in the temperate parts of Asia, including Japan, Korea and China.

   Originally only available in yellow, orange and red, hybrids now include colors ranging from almost white to pastels, pink, purple, nearly blue and several blends.

   Many people are only familiar with the common yellow or orange daylilies that are often seen along roadsides.

   The day lilies come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The blooms can range from under three inches in diameter to four and a half inches and more.

   The height of daylilies can range from six to twenty-four inches, and to thirty-six inches and higher. The flowering period of day lilies ranges from March or April to October.

   The time of day that blooms appear varies as well. Some bloom all day, while others open late in the afternoon and remain open all night.

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