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About Clematis


   Clematis are beautiful flowering perennial plants. There are several hundreds of species of clematis worldwide,    and most of them are climbers.

   Most of the species are hardy, however some species, in particular most of the evergreen clematis, can only      tolerate a few degrees of frost before they die.

   Clematis have a variety of bloom times, varying by species. If planned properly, a clematis garden can have      lovely blooms from late winter all the way to late autumn.

   This entails a variety of clematis with differing bloom times to be planted        together or spread throughout the garden.

   Most varieties of clematis produce only a single bloom, yet some produce a      dual bloom.

   The blooms of clematis range in size from about one inch to ten inches.

   The blooms of the clematis plant will often change color throughout the life    of the plant. This occurs more often when the flower is grown in full sun        conditions.

   Clematis are very particular about what climate they grow well in.

   Clematis will grow better and have nicer blooms with a dormancy of only        about six weeks.

   Night temperature colder than 45 degrees will generally put the clematis          plant into dormancy.

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