About Butterfly Bush


   The butterfly bush is a fast growing shrub. It will grow in a variety of conditions easily. In fact, a butterfly        bush is very hard to kill.

   It will survive just about any circumstances. The butterfly bush originated in Chile, however most species          available today come from China.

   The butterfly bush is a perennial with deep green foliage. The blooms of a butterfly bush vary in color from        white to red or purple, and resemble lilac blooms.

   The flowers of a butterfly bush grow in clusters a foot or two in length,          and have side branches and blossoms.

   As the name suggests, a butterfly bush is attractive to butterflies in the        garden.

   In fact, it is almost like a butterfly magnet. Butterflies will swarm to the          brightly colored and fragrant blooms of a butterfly bush.

   Bees and oftentimes even hummingbirds are attracted to the nectar of the      butterfly bush.

   A butterfly bush works in many settings in the garden. It can be planted in      a row, making a lovely border for a perennial garden, and can even be            used as an accent plant.

   A butterfly bush is very easy to hybridize, and for this reason, volunteer        seedlings may look nothing like their parent plant.

   It is also important to try to prevent the spread of a butterfly bush, as it        can become aggressive and kill neighboring plants.

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