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About Apple Trees

Apple trees are deciduous, fruit bearing trees that grow primarily in the northern hemisphere.

They prefer the dry climate and warm summers of Canada and America, and cannot be grown in the tropics, or above the Arctic Circle. There are some apple trees that are now cultivated in Australia and New Zealand.

When grown in the wild, apple trees often have thorns on the branches, in order to protect the fruit.

Apple trees are also flowering trees, and it is the pollination of their flowers that will allow for fruit to grow. When planting apple trees in a garden, it is important to know that many apple trees do not self-pollinate.

For this reason, only one apple tree in the garden may not be able to produce much, if any fruit. To solve this, plant several different varieties of apple trees with similar flowering times to allow for cross-pollination.

Apple trees should be planted in November, if possible. They can also be planted up to the end of March. This is when the soil is most friable. The apple trees should be planted firmly, with the soil pressed down hard around the roots.

The apple trees should then be tied to a strong enough stake, for support until the roots take hold. Mulch should be applied around the base of the apple trees, to help retain moisture during the first growing period.

The fruit of apple trees come in many different sizes and colors, ranging from almost cherry sized to grapefruit sized, yellow and green to red.

The fruit from apple trees should be eaten directly from the tree or within a week of harvest.

Fruit that will be stored from apple trees should be kept in a cool, dark, moist and frost-proof location.

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