About American Arborvitae


   The American arborvitae is suited for zones 3 to 8. A small to medium upright tree, the American arborvitae        has a stout, buttressed trunk.

   More compact dwarf cultivars are used often in landscapes. This tree is hardy in zones three through eight,      and prefers a deep, well-drained site.

   The American arborvitae is a conifer evergreen tree that is often used as an accent tree or as a privacy            hedge tree. Once matured, the American arborvitae will have a broad, pyramidal shape, and dense branches      and foliage.

   The American arborvitae has leaves that are bright green on the top, and a    pale green on the bottom. If the winter is especially harsh, the foliage            may turn a yellow brown.

   The American arborvitae will grow to a mature height of twenty-five to          forty feet, and have a mature spread of ten to fifteen feet.

   This slow growing tree prefers full sun to partial shade, and can adapt to a      variety of soil conditions. The American arborvitae prefers moist soils, but        can withstand periods of extreme drought.

   They make a good wind block and provide cover for all types of wildlife          year round.

   The American arborvitae is commonly used in foundation planting around        homes and businesses in urban settings.

   Once planted, an American arborvitae requires little maintenance, and is          fairly drought resistant.

   Fertilizer may be applied every few years or so to aid in faster growing.          Pruning, if desired, should be done early in the growing season before new      growth emerges.

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